Saturday, September 7, 2013

My little soccer player

A few weeks ago I signed up Braden for a soccer class that is on Fridays.
It lasts only a month, which means we only have one more Friday to go. 
I was hesitant to sign him up for this class because I just wasn't sure he'd enjoy it. 
I'm still not sure he fully enjoys it, but I'm still glad I signed him up! 
This week went much better and I'm super proud of my growing boy!

The first week was a hard one. 
He's still so little and really just want to do what he wants to do, when he wants to do it! 
Does that sound familiar to any mama's with a toddler? ;)
I was actually super surprised at how advanced this class was for 2-3 year olds. 
Braden's a smart boy, but I think it was a bit much! 
I expected them to just kick the ball around and play. 
There's a lot more instruction than that and he's not too big into being instructed! ;)

So, we go and we play.  We do our own thing! 
I was glad my parents came this week and played a lot more with him.
I was just happy to see him kicking the ball around and having fun
(clearly there was lots of watching too)!
Seeing him enjoy it, rather than get upset is a step up in my book! 
I'm also glad he gets a little more interaction with others
and he was pretty happy to make some goals! 
Some times doing things with a toddler is about letting them led and letting them be! 
I need to let him be more often because I know that's when he's at his happiest! 

And that's what I like to see! 

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  1. Braden is such a natural at soccer because he truly loves to kick that ball around! It's good that you are supporting his interests :)


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