Thursday, June 20, 2013

10 months

^^^She refused to lay down for a picture, so this is what I got!^^^

Hi, I'm 10 months old today!
It's been a rough month or at least the last two weeks have been rough!
Did you know we live somewhere different now? In a home?
I like it, there's more room, but at the same time it kind of makes me nervous.
I've been crying a lot lately and I'm pretty sure it's the big old house.
I also scream a lot too. Mom, dad, and even brother act like it hurts their ears!
I just need someone to hold me all the time or I get upset.
If mom puts me down for a split second I freak out. I think it's getting to mom, but I just can't help it!
I'll work on getting better. I promise mom!
What else is new? You know I crawl right?
Well, I also stand up and hold my balance for a good amount of seconds.
That seems to make everyone pretty excited, myself included!
I also like to eat. It's probably my favorite thing ever.
I don't eat baby food anymore. Give me the real stuff!
I love beans and potato salad.
I'm also a fan of noodles, cheese, and fruit!
I eat like I'm never fed every single meal, but I still like mom's milk! Mmmm!
I sleep pretty good at night, but being put to sleep is the worst thing ever!
I cry and scream so loud when I'm put in my crib!
Can't someone just hold me forever? I'd be okay with that.
Dad is really good at getting me to go to sleep.
I like it when he brushes the side of my forehead until I fall asleep.
It feels so nice when he does that and he's way better at it then mom.
I just rather she hold me!
Well, I'm sure there's more to tell, but I'm going to go play or cry for mom to hold me.
I can't decide yet! ;)


P.S. This is what I look like most of the time. Good thing you can't hear it! 

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