Wednesday, March 27, 2013

One Thing

Today readers, I want to say one thing.
It comes from being a woman of God and something I feel strongly about.
It's a simple thing... but the world tries to make us believe otherwise.
I want to tell you that in this crazy, ever-changing world...

It's okay to say that you believe what you read in The Word.
It's okay to put the truth out there.
It's okay that you don't give into what other's believe simply because of their response.
It's okay that you hold tight to what you know is the truth. To not budge.
It's okay to say that something is wrong because He says it is.
Or something is right because He says it is.
It's okay that you live fully for Him.
Actually, I think it's more than okay.
If your beliefs are what you know is the truth He is telling you, then you should hold tight to them.
He wants you to. He wants you to be the light, He wants you to show the truth.

I hope you find the strength to do that.
The truth is, at least to me, is that I'm not going to change anyone's mind and no one will change mine.
I accept that and that other's have their beliefs that they will hold tight to as well.
I hold tight to my beliefs, but I do it in love.
I am not going to be hateful, mean, or rude.
I'm not going to tear another down because we disagree.
I'll disagree respectfully and love them still.
Because you can disagree and still love, you can believe something different without judging.

So, hold tight to the word of God and what He tells you.
But love because He tells us that if we don't love, then we have nothing.

On that note... be nice, be loving, be kind.
You may not agree with me whatsoever, but please be respectful in your responses.
Mean and hurtful responses to me or anyone on my blog will not be tolerated. 
Thank you! =) 


  1. LOVE this friend. Thank you for your heart and sharing this with others. Everything you have said, I have thought.

  2. Well said, Kassie! I totally agree.


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