Friday, March 29, 2013

Favorite Reads

I haven't read a ton of blog posts this week. At least, not as many as last week ;)
I must tell you that I read certain blogs on a pretty consistent basis...
So, not all these are new.
Still read them. You won't be disappointed. At least I hope not!

Conversations with Julia
This post on Camp Patton is so funny.
Every single conversation cracked me up! I can't decide which one is the funniest!
I was definitely a fan of the Julian Michaels comment because I totally agree!

Success is just a 7 letter word
I completely agree with this post by Alissa from Rags to Stitches.
I know I'm guilty of holding back things I'm excited about or comparing myself.
I think everyone can benefit from this post!

Drops of Awesome
Megan has quickly become one of my favorite bloggers...
Because I see myself in what she writes. This post is no different.
I relate to it so much and it's such a great idea.
She also passed on this post which is what inspired her post.
It's such a wonderful idea that I need to take ahold of!

When Real Life Calls
My friend Julie wrote a post that I think all bloggers need to read.
Such a good reminder to me.
Life isn't really about blogging...
There's way more to it than that!

Read any good words this week?
Please pass them on! =)

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