Saturday, January 12, 2013

The child he is becoming

I love watching Braden grow and change.
He is becoming such a great little boy, whose personality is becoming more evident everyday. 
Watching him learn his likes and dislikes brings me great joy.
Actually, I'll be honest and say I like watching him discover his likes more. ;)
His dislikes seems to bring crying, screaming, kicking, hitting, and a lot of head shaking. 

He loves to paint.
The other day he even grabbed my hand and led me to the paints, pointing at them. 
He painted for a good 15 minutes, which I am happy to have him do. 
He is obsessed with flying the remote control helicopter with his daddy.
Somehow a helicopter makes a growling sound, 
instead of a "whoosh, whoosh" sound like an airplane. =)
He also loves anything chocolate and candy canes. He'd eat them all day if we let him. 

He squeals in delight when he is happy and having fun.
It's the best sound even if it quiet LOUD and ear piercing! ;) 
He loves to laugh and it cracks us up when he fake laughs.
It almost sounds kind of evil, but in a cute way. 

He also loves his sister very much.
He loves to say good morning to her. He'll get down to her level, close to her face, to say hello.
When he hugs her, he says, "Awwwww."
She just smiles at him.
I hope he always loves her this way. I hope they are best friends growing up.

He's also learning a lot more words, which we just love.
It's so great to hear him say new words.
He'll likes to show you things and say the words for him.
He'll bring a ball to you, hold it up, look at it and say, "Ball. Ball." 
I love it. I especially love praying with him and hearing him say "Jesus" and "Ammmm" (amen).

All of these things about his personality are showing me some of who he's going to be.
He will be passionate. He will be loving and kind. He will be determined. 
He will be our little comedian. He will be smart. He will be more than we ever imagined. 

He's always been a fun boy, but I'm loving this two year old phase of discovery.
Am I loving all of two? No, but that's for a different blog post! Ha. =)


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