Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How I Make My Starbucks at Home

Once upon a time I thought coffee was the nastiest thing ever! 
Then, I met my husband + had babies and BAM, I just love coffee! 
Mostly, Starbucks, which is so pricey and that can quickly add up, especially if you go everyday!
I know we aren't the only ones with this addiction + I've been asked about my coffee...
So I thought I'd share how I make it at home.
And yes, to me, it tastes exactly the same. Be excited!

Here is my recipe for a white mocha. Yuuuuummmy! 

I haven't made this without using an espresso machine.
I know you may be thinking, really I need one of those? I say, yes, yes, yes you do!
It is by far the best thing we have purchased.
And it practically pays for itself in a week of avoiding Starbucks
(which I do still get more than I should because sometimes its easier).

The grinder isn't something you need, BUT it helps the coffee taste more fresh + smells so good! 
This is the one we own and love!

Other things you need:
 Coffee (we do the Starbucks espresso roast)
White chocolate syrup (from the Starbucks website)
Some Reddi Whip, if you prefer it! 

Again, you're probably thinking I need both those things from Starbucks?
Probably not, but after experimenting we've realized this is what makes it taste like Bux
And keeps us from going there every single day!

How to make this yumminess:
Squirt three pumps of syrup in the bottom of your mug.
Grind the beans, press them into the expresso carrier (totally not what it's called).
Express to your desired amount, add to the syrup and mix.
Froth your milk and then add it to the espresso.
Add some Reddi Whip on top of that and then microwave for about thirty seconds!
Enjoy and then do all over again! ;)

If you try this, which you should because you won't be disappointed, please let me know!


  1. Wow! I'm impressed you created your own!!! I love Starbucks too, and it could be a serious problem if the only we have wasn't in a grocery that I don't shop at... It's not exactly convenient, so that helps me save a ton of money! ;)
    ~Kassi @ Truly Lovely

    1. We HAD to figure out a way to do it ourselves. Given we still spend way too much at Starbucks which frustrates me!

      Good thing you only have that one... we have like 4 too close to us! lol

  2. Totally thought they did not sell their white mocha syrup! That is what they told me when I worked there! How much is one bottle after shipping and how many drinks can you make with it?

    1. They sell it online :) we usually buy 2 bottles at a time and they are $25 per bottle. Not sure about shipping. Usually three drinks a day and lasts over a month :)


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