Thursday, January 10, 2013

Finding me

At times life gets really overwhelming because there's so much to it.
There is a husband to love and give time to.
There are children who almost constantly need me.
There is God time I am suppose to be having.
There are commitments. There are friendships. There is family. There are lists.
I get overwhelmed by all of it, sometimes, because lots of it happened so quickly.
There wasn't a lot of transition period from when I was married to becoming a mama.

I read this post by a lovely blogger the other day and couldn't help but think, "yes! yes! yes!"
It was something I could completely relate to.
At times, especially when there are hard seasons in life,
I find myself thinking about who I once was, when I was just me.

I used to have a more consistent, filling relationship with God.
I was confident in my faith.
I had girlfriends I would spend lots of time with. 
I was skinny and didn't struggle with my weight.
I had time to myself.
I was somewhat independent.

Now, don't get me wrong... the list of what was wrong with me is much greater (ha).
I was extremely depressed.
I cried a lot and made extremely bad choices.  
I struggled with loving myself and didn't look to God for love, the way I always should have. 
I wasn't healthy. My body weight, I believe, reflected that.

That "what was wrong with me" list isn't something I miss. 
I realize I shouldn't call it that because that's not nice ;) and it was a growing period.
It was a hard period and at times I wish none of it had happened, but God is good.
He brought me to it and through it. 
But that other list, I miss those things about myself.
Those were good things and the things that made my husband fall in love with me. 

Being married and having babies hasn't made it so I can't be those things.
Those things they've made me grow in good ways, ways God has wanted me to.
I would in no way change being married or having children,
But those other areas, I've lost them, because my focus was put elsewhere.
It's time to spend more time taking care of myself and being the person I feel I'm suppose to be.

So, instead of a word for the year, I have a phrase for the year -- Finding me.
Get back on track with God.
Stay more connected with my girlfriends... we're all so spread out! 
Workout and eat healthy (more on this soon).
Take some "me" time. 
Find myself. 

I want to be a better wife and mother. Finding myself will help with that!
Have you struggled with something like this? Tell me! It's nice to relate to my readers!


  1. Your list sounds a lot like mine. It can be so easy to louse ourselves and identity when we become moms. Nearly all of our focus goes to our children and we put ourselves on the backburner. I have resolved to carve out some more me time this year.

  2. After Brayden was born, we struggled. The parenting thing was all new to us! There was breastfeeding and naps and schedule and what do I do when he does this. Not leaving a lot of time for US. Add in some anxiety issues (me) and inadequacy issues (him) and you have a recipe for disaster. We worked through it, added to the family, and now we just kind of know when the other needs a pick me up. It will always be hard but it can always be worked out!


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