Thursday, December 27, 2012

He's all two

I do monthly updates on Maeva because she grows and changes so much every month,
But Braden changes too. It may not always be as evident,
But I catch myself some days in awe of how much he's grown.
Just last night I went to go put a pair of his favorite car pjs on him.
I looked at them, I looked him and shook my head, saying, 
"There is no way these are going to fit you." 

Physically he grows a lot, but he grows and changes in other ways too.
He is two after all. And let me tell ya, two, is tough and exciting, all in one.
He makes me laugh and smile more than anyone,
But he also makes me want to lock myself in the closet and cry/scream. 

Braden is a lover of all things cars. 
It doesn't matter how many he has...
Give him a new one, and he thinks its the best thing in the entire world. 
He also loves to read and constantly asks to watch tv.
His favorite thing to eat are M&Ms. 
He'd live outside if we let him, even if its freezing and there is snow on the ground.

He doesn't talk much.
He says a few things, but lets you know what he wants in other ways. 
I worry that he isn't talking as much as he should be, but I think its because he's stubborn. 
If he doesn't want to say something he won't! If he doesn't want to do something, he won't!
He'll also do whatever he has to do to get what he wants. 
Wants more food? He'll chase you around with his bowl saying, "All gone! All gone!" 
Or he'll stand by the gate in the kitchen pointing to the cabinet.
Wants you to come with him? He'll grab your hand and pull.
Tell him no? He'll lay on the floor, crying and screaming.
He struggles with listening a lot. especially to me.
Its one of the most frustrating things. It usually leads to a lot of meltdowns, by him and me. 

He also enjoys climbing all over me and his sister.
Neither of us are big enough for that ;) 
I am constantly telling him I'm not a jungle gym and to get off his sister.
I know he does it because he loves us, but boy does it hurt! 
He also likes to climb up onto the counter in the kitchen and out of the tub.
Surprised me, but he thinks he's so big! 

He may drive me crazy a lot of the time, but I'm so thankful that he's happy and healthy.
I love this little boy that made me a mom, so much. 

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  1. If only we COULD lock ourselves in a closet. Although, admittedly, I have locked myself in the bathroom for a few minutes!


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