Tuesday, April 24, 2012

a letter to myself

Dear Self, 
It's okay.
It's okay that you have rough days. That sometimes, you mess up as a mom or a wife. 
It's okay that you don't do everything little thing perfectly. You're not suppose to be perfect.
God doesn't expect it from you, so why do you expect it from yourself? 
It's okay that the kitchen is pretty much always a disaster. It's okay to take time for just you.
Stop feeling guilty about it. God doesn't do guilt, so just stop carrying that feeling around. 
It's okay that at times you need to cry and scream. That's normal. It's okay to do that... 
to let it all out. It's better than keeping it in. 
It's okay to be yourself. Why try to be someone else? 
That is a whole lot of work and makes you feel miserable. Just be yourself. 
It's okay to say how you feel and what you want in life. 
It's okay. You're okay. Life is okay. 
Just breathe and remember that no matter what, it's okay.

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  1. Amen girl. Reminds me of my poem on Beautifully Rooted I just did last week, called You Are Enough..


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