Thursday, April 19, 2012

If I were

Recently I've been thinking about how I want to motherhood differently.
I wish I could do it all right, but that won't happen.
I wish I could be the perfect mother, but really, there is no such thing.
No matter what anyone tells you, there is no perfect mother, no perfect parent.
I'm thankful for that because if there was... if there was someone to look at and say, "they are the perfect parent, they do everything right," I'd sure be depressed and down on  myself.
But if I were super mom, I'd do everything perfectly.
The house would always be clean. The laundry always folded and put away.
The floors would have never have food on them and the beds would also be made.
If I were super mom, Braden would always eat healthily.
I'd read to him every single day and he'd always be clean.
If I were super mom I'd play with him more than I do.
I'd read him the word and pray with him all the time.
If I were super mom I'd never tire and my kid would be perfectly happy.
But I'm not super mom.
The house is pretty much always a mess and don't get me started on the laundry.
There is always food on the floor and really, what's the point in a made bed?
I'm trying to feed him better meals, but sometimes, they aren't healthy things to feed him.
I read to him, but it doesn't happen every single day and he's a boy; he's going to be a mess.
I play with him everyday, but I know I need to do it more.
The same goes with reading him to word and praying with him.
I could always do more.
I may not be super mom. I will never be, but I love my son more than my life.
This is just what motherhood looks like... imperfect, but full of love.

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