Friday, April 13, 2012

How I keep my cool as a mom

I adore Braden. Every day I adore and love him
But somedays are hard. Somedays are longer than others
At times I feel like screaming 
Or I want to pull my hair out of my head
As great as it is being a mom, its hard too

So, what to do I do to keep from losing it?
I drink coffee
Set him on the couch in front of the tv for a bit
Go on playdates
Take him outside, just go somewhere
Play with him
Watch him play
Let him make messes
Have quiet time
Take a nap when he does
Hug him
Kiss him
Laugh with him and sometimes at him (but in a nice way)
Give him cookies and juice
Do something everyday, I enjoy
Listen to music, loudly
Hold him
Read to him
Enjoy him
Let daddy have him or grandparents ;)
Have some me time
Sing to him
Cuddle with him
Remember that he's growing and this time...only lasts for a blink 

Its hard (and I do lose it somedays), but I know soon enough he'll be a big boy. Soon enough, I'll miss this

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  1. Your little one is adorable. I am trying to figure out what he has all over them. I once read that when we don't feel like loving children to love them more. I Hope I remember that when I am a Mom.


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