Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our place

I've been meaning to take pictures of our place for a while now,
but it took forever to put together and its never clean.
Goodness a toddler makes everything a mess, but that's okay...

The Living room
(still need to put pictures in those frames)

The smallest kitchen ever (and yep, there is the toddler getting in the cabinet)

Our room
(the desk where husband does lots and lots of studying)

Our bathroom

Braden and new baby's room
(Its a mess...I know. And waiting to decorate until we know if we our having another little boy or girl.)

Kiddo bathroom
(Pretty pointless last picture, but isn't it huge? Braden loves to throw his toys in and out of there. I still need to get a few pictures on the wall once I find something).

So, there's our place. Still things to do... always cleaning, that's for sure!


  1. I love your bedroom furniture! I really want a new bedroom set but we had to get a new fridge and washing machine instead.

  2. I like your sweet touches all around, toys, ...I like the photo banner....and your bedroom!

    Oh, I also love your new blog design, looks awesome!


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