Friday, March 23, 2012


I'm insecure. I feel a lot more insecure lately.
We all struggle with it in some areas.
Maybe I feel this way because I'm human
Or more so lately because I'm pregnant.

I'm insecure when it comes to being a wife and mother.
Sometimes, often actually, I can't help but think, "I suck at this."
I'm insecure when it comes to relationships.
Friendships, for some reason seem to be hard for me.
I struggle to be real. I struggle to be open.
I'm afraid of judgement. Really, really afraid.
I'm insecure when it comes to my relationship with God because it just never, in my mind, seems good enough. I never do enough when it comes to that relationship.
I never pray enough, pick up my Bible enough, live it out enough.

My insecurities all seem to be focused on the "not enough" feeling.
The thing with that, though, is that its a lie.
A lie, I believe, everyone often believes.
By the worlds standards, I will never be enough.
I'll never be pretty enough, skinny enough.
I'll never do wifehood and motherhood completely right.
I'll never be smart enough.
It goes on and on, really.
The devil wants me to fall for that lie. He wants me to be paralyzed by it.
But God doesn't.
His truth... it says something different.
He says I'm fearfully and wonderfully made.
He says I'm enough.
Instead of listening to the lie that I am never going to be good enough, I'll listen to God and know what He says is true. I am good enough because I am His child.

Thank goodness for God.


  1. it DEF is a lie, and you are right...a lot of us believe it. but the truth is exactly as you said...HE says you are enough and that you are PERFECT in HIS sight. praise God for that, right?! I love you friend, you are truly a treasure.

    1. Thank you, friend!
      I so appreciate your encouraging words!

  2. You are right about everyone feeling like he/she isn't enough. I think we're all so stuck on how we aren't as whatever as someone else that we miss glorifying God in how He made us. Being humble isn't the same as feeling insecure, and He made you wonderfully. I hope He pumps you up with more confidence in His handiwork. :)

    1. Thank you Lauren!
      I totally agree that my insecurities can get in the way of what He wants me to do! Such a good thing to I can hopefully push through the insecurities and do what He wants!

  3. Kassie! You vulnerability is BEAUTIFUL, thank you for sharing your heart. I actually wrote a poem called You Are Enough,, here is the link if you are interested.
    I could say so much about this post, because I think we all can relate on some level, but I will say one thing for sure: stick with the SPIRIT, He is moving when you are wise in saying that they are LIES from the Evil one! All the ways you "feel" are not TRUTH! Most of our feelings and emotions are there to alert us, and dig deeper, but they typically aren't reality. I've had to learn this the very hard way. Satan comes to do 3 things: to kill, steal and destroy...and he wants to have is way with all of us, especially where motherhood and wifehood are concerned, and friendships too. I don't mean to write a novel in the comments here, but I'm so passionate about what you shared, b/c it aches my heart to hear you hurting this way, but I am so glad that you see TRUTH through God's precious Word, because it is ALL WE HAVE to cling too in this life!
    Our worth and what defines us is only met IN GOD, not in our jobs, our spouses, our kids, our money our cars, nothing. And you do enough, this world focuses christianity so much on DOING, which yes we need to take action and care for the poor and volunteer etc... but God wants US, our hearts, He just wants to BE with us, stroking our hair, and wiping our tears. He just wants us on our knees before Him shedding our love unto Him and admiring Him, adoring Him, loving Him, and worshipping Him, --abiding in Him and having communion and fellowship with Him---this is so not stressed enough in the church,...but that is why He is a relational God.

    I hope I haven't said too much, and I hope and pray you keep finding strength to know that you ARE more than enough!!! And when you feel like you aren't, God is more than enough for you!



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