Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What life is and isn't about

Sometimes social networking gets to me. 
It really sucks me in and I spend far too much time on blogger, twitter, facebook, and pinterest. 
I am thankful for these sites because they do keep me connected with friends or the blogging world, but other times they can bring me down. 

This is especially true about blogging. To me blogging was never really about posting everyday, how many followers I was going to acquire, or about who I'd become friends with in the blogging community. Yet, it has easily become that and I am not happy about that. 

I don't need to post everyday, but when my heart wants to write or share. 
I don't need to have a ton of followers because that isn't why I started blogging. I write for me. 
I don't need to be friends with so and so. I am thankful for the friends I have met and would love to meet more people, but these things... that's not what life is about. 

I won't be defined though social networking. My blog or twitter or whatever isn't who I am.
Yes, I share pieces of myself in those places, but what defines me is God. 
God knows my heart...He is who its important to share all things with.
I may not have a ton of blog followers or friends via the net, but God loves me.
That is what defines me. That is what life is about. 

Life is also about being a good wife and mother. Its about loving people and growing. 
I don't ever want to lose sight of those things.

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