Sunday, December 4, 2011

On taking a break

I'm back from a blogging break and thats what I want to write about today!

Sometimes I need to take breaks from blogging and social networking as a whole.
I'm not always very good at it because I do enjoy it and it tends to suck me in. 
I get tired of it, though because it feels like it takes a lot of work.
Thinking about what to write, having pictures, editing pictures, and getting my words right.
I find myself, often, thinking, "Oh, I could blog about this!" 
I am glad that I have things in my life I want to blog about, but I don't want to think about what to blog in my life more than I live my life! Know what I mean?

I've also realized that I have the type of personality that lets other things get in the way of other things I should be doing! I think that I've let that happen with blogging (it used to be facebook, but I gave that up for multiple reasons).  Honestly, I don't know how other wives and mothers do it -- they work, take care of their home and family, have a relationship with God, AND blog... plus a string of other things. Its a lot of work and I see some amazing women out there doing all these things. I realized the other morning (when I decided to take a break) that I needed to stop and do other things.

I needed to stop and play ball with my son.
I needed to stop and clean.
I needed to stop and pray.
I needed to stop and enjoy time with my husband. 
I needed to stop and do something else.
I just needed to stop and be away from the computer for a bit. 

I didn't do as well as I wanted to, but it was nice to not have to focus so much on my blog, twitter, or whatever else I get sucked into on this little thing we call the computer all day! I want this to be a goal of not sit on the computer all day long because as much as I love social networking, I do have a real life to live!

Happy Sunday friends! 



  1. I love this! I seriously do not know how other mamas do it either- jobs, social networking divas, bloggers with thousands of followers, a family life...goodness gracious they must be REALLY good at time management! I love taking breaks from all of this- refreshes and refocuses my mission for why I use them in the first place!

  2. im with ya too - I also question how on earth all these people get it all done. but then I just have to realize that THAT is not MY reality...I dont have the time, energy, or whatever that others may have...and THATS OKAY. :) its hard to remember that sometimes! and its so so good to take a break too. (remember I took a two month break over the summer? it was SO so good for me to realign priorities, as much as I missed this community!) Anyways, be proud of yourself for recognizing you needed a break - I think alot of those mamas we admire for "doing it all" forget its ok to stop every now and then. Love to you and PEACE to you today girl!!

  3. I SO HEAR YOU!!!!

    Loud and Clear!

    Great reminder.


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