Sunday, November 20, 2011

Satisfaction in Him

Sometimes my heart aches for things, longs for things.
The aching, the longing, is sometimes so much that it hurts.

I long for a deeper relationship with Christ because I know thats the deepest relationship I'm suppose to have. Not only does my mind know it. Not only does my heart know it. But my soul knows it.

I thirst for it sometimes. Especially when things aren't going that well or when I'm feeling down.
In those moments it seems like only His words can fill me with what I need. 
I'm thankful for that... I'm thankful for that when times are hard, I feel that I need His word.
I'm thankful that I don't feel a strong need to turn to something else... something harmful, but instead to Him...instead to what is good.

I'm thankful that God gave us His word. That He didn't leave our longing to be satisfied by the things of this world because if He did, what a mess we would be. 
I am thankful that when I go to Him, I find satisfaction in Him.



  1. this world of electronics, easily accessible food and drinks, distractions,etc, it's so easy to find temporary satisfaction in things other than God. So easy. But not as satisfying. He is so good at satisfying our deepest longings and needs.

  2. I second that amen. :) my soul longs for all those things too. For me, it takes daily desperate dependance on Him, and believing HIM, not just IN him, but believing that what He says He will do and who He true. He loves you so much girl and HE puts all those things and desires in us so I know they will be fulfilled. Thanks for sharing!


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