Sunday, October 2, 2011

Written by Husband

I've been trying to think of ways for my blog to be different. I don't want every post to sound the same or be about the same thing. I came across the blog Mrs. T, Naturally and she is doing this great thing called blogging outside the box. Every week she is giving an idea on how we can do so. This past week's way to do was by having a loved one write a blog post about you. I, of course, had my husband do so. I was surprised to find what he wrote about -- the first time we'd ever met. It made me smile real big. Here you go!

The day I met her she had glow around her that caught me by surprise. Every word she spoke to me was heavenly and graced my ears with such beauty it made me feel as though my feet weren't touching the ground. I knew that there was obviously something special about this woman. I knew I had to get to know her more, the question though was: how do I make this night last? So first we went to the theatre and saw a movie that ended up not being the greatest. Something about people making clones of themselves to do all their work. Honestly though, the movie couldn't of mattered much to me though as I was so intrigued by this woman sitting next to me. Next we went out to dinner at Old Chicago. We exchanged shy glances and small talk, gently delving deeper into one another's lives. We found that we had much of the same remembrances of childhoods past and made a sort of connection in this which only harkened deeper conversation. There was obviously an affinity between the two of us, or better yet, chemistry if you will, that seemed to set the stage for what might be something more profound than what we actually knew was occurring. After dinner, I didn't want the night to end so I asked her if she was afraid of heights, which she politely grinned and said "no". So we headed to the airport where we flew over the city at night to get a birds eye view of things. It was quite romantic as I had someone sitting next to me that was so beautiful, all the while I was doing something that I was passionate about - flying.  After the night was over, I dropped her off at her car. As I shut the engine off, and opened my door to hopefully hug her goodnight, she was already in her car driving away... In the mere three seconds it took me to get out of the car she was gone - I was crushed. Never again did I expect to see her. I have to pinch myself, and count my blessings though every morning I wake up and get to see her lovely face, for she is now mine, and I hers.

P.S. If you want to know more about us go here


  1. How precious!! It's obvious he truly loves you!
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :)

  2. wow! what a nice post from your husband. he is a great writer as well as you.

    and i'm looking forward to seeing this website (blogging out of the box) looks fun!


  3. !! Love. this. post. !!
    What a beautiful thing to hold onto forever too Kassie. Your kids can read it eventually.
    That last me right in the heart.


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