Friday, October 14, 2011

It's the little things: New things, wall art, visit from a friend, and ten thousand villages

This weeks been a good one. Especially today =) 

Braden decided he wanted to help grandma do laundry.
I love how curious he is...
Started digging around in the dryer and shaking clothes just like grandma.

I saw something like this on pinterest and knew I wanted to do it! 
The first thing I've actually done that I pinned. Yes, I am proud.
Of course the other one actually looks more heart shaped. 
I just love looking at this wall and seeing people I love.

This is my friend LynAnne. She has been in Cambodia for a whole year, so this was the first time she got to meet our little one. I was so happy! They seemed to like each other!
We got to hang out all day. I picked her up from the bus stop, we went for coffee, to ten thousand villages, had lunch, went to the park, and just had a good time catching up on one another's lives!
Definitely the best part of this week!

This is what I bought at ten thousand villages:  chocolate and flower pins for my hair.
Have you ever been? If not, GO! 
Its all fair trade stuff. 
LynAnne knows a lot of people from Cambodia who actually made stuff in the store. 
Cool huh? 
Cool to us anyway.

Happy Friday! What blessed your week!

Aisle to Aloha


  1. That is SO amazing that you got to hang with her! How fun! And I remember when Jeremiah started playing in the CUTE! :)

  2. Love that photo collage! Way to go, actually using your pins! :-) I need to get MUCH better at that.


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