Thursday, September 22, 2011

Family rooms I wouldn't mind having

Its time to link up with Gussy Sews for some inspiration!
This weeks prompt is family room. Now, considering we don't have a family room of our own at the moment, here are some I wouldn't mind having!

I love the wall design: Picture frames, mirrors, and posters.
 Looks so great! I'd love to do this to a wall! 

I'm a fan of the wood floors. This just looks like a comfy space in general...especially with that rug!

I just love the built in book shelves and the doors! 

While I do like that pink couch not sure I'd actually go for it. Too girly and not grown up enough for me. I do, however, like the yellow pillows. And the book shelves above the couch...definitely what drew me to this!

The colors in this room are great! I love how the walls aren't completely finished, yet the room seems so put together! I'd hang out in this room all the time!

Love the splash of color on the wall. Great color! And the furniture is so fun! 

My FAVORITE. This is just so amazing... I'd be in heaven in this room.
I just love all the glass. I'd sit and stare out the windows all day long. 
It just looks so pretty outside these windows.

::all photos via pinterest::

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  1. Oooh Ahhh... built-ins! I like the pops of color in your inspiration photos!

  2. Stopping by from Gussy. LOVE all of the color! And that last room is amazing!!

  3. every time i saw a new picture, i'd think, "that's my favorite!" i love the first one, the pink couch and the purple lofty looking room, but they are all fabulous!

  4. YES! a family room would be SO nice!! :)

    I found your blog through Mrs. T, Naturally and wanted to tell you THANK YOU for your sweet comments on my guest post today! It really meant a lot to me! So thank you thank you :)

  5. lovely family rooms!! i so want to learn how to do that curving of the edges effect you have going on here. care to share how?? i'd be super grateful! ( i could just google it i suppose, but it's better hearing it from a real person. And as for your question about jillian michaels 30 day shred, it's tough, but do-able. there are 3 levels and you can stick with the lowest one and still get a good work-out every time! :) <3

  6. Oh man, give me one of those family rooms! Thank you so much for that sweet comment! {The man in the window was probably the creepiest thing on earth....definitely to date!}


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