Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy 10 months baby!

My little baby turned 10 months old today and I just can't believe it!
He's such a good baby... so happy and funny!

He has said the word "Kitty". It came before mama, of course, but I am trying to be okay with that.
He loves to crawl all over the place and pull himself up too! He wants to walk so badly.
He enjoys eating crackers and cheese.
He also likes strawberry jello and apple sauce.
He loves to drink water..especially out of a big cup, with a straw. He will grab the straw of any drink (even mama's iced coffee :S) and just sip away. 
He enjoys being outside and is curious about every little thing!
Bath time never gets old. He loves to splash, splash, splash.
He tries to talk so much.
He can crawl up stairs! We were so surprised!
He makes the best faces.
He loves banging on the computer, but we try to not let him because we don't want him to break it!
He loves to smile and laugh.
He loves to feel the rain... he will stick his hand out to feel it. 
He loves seeing the sunshine on the floor. 

Gosh, there is so much to say about his growing. Its like there is something new everyday. I should probably write everything down in a notebook, so I actually remember things. 

I just cannot believe he will be one soon. The first year goes so fast.


  1. He is just too precious! Happy 10 months bebe boy! xoxo

  2. He is so handsome! My hubs swears that our 9 month old has said Kitty too. I admit it does sound like it.



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