Sunday, August 21, 2011

Layer Accessories

Magnifying necklace: Modcloth. Hope Charm: Gift. Map of L.A. pendant: Craft show.
All bracelets: Gifts. Shorts and flip flops: Old Navy. Under tank: Forever 21. White boyfriend tee: Target.

Today is the start of the second week of the 21 day challenge and I gotta say I love the idea of layering jewelry. I don't usually do it, but I may just start! Somedays getting dressed seems like a whole lot of work because I want to look and feel good, but sometimes I just want to go simple. Adding jewelry to a rather plain outfit is a way to do that.

I think these may also be some of my favorite pieces when it comes to my accessories. The magnifying necklace is just neat and different. The hope charm just reminds me that hope is something I also have because I have Jesus as my savior. The map of L.A. reminds me of a trip I took after my freshman year of college. Freshman year was a mess to say the least and I took a leap of faith and listened to God when I felt Him telling me to go to L.A. I spent 2 and 1/2 weeks there working with the homeless and it changed me. I honestly believe that trip had a huge affect on the person I am today. And my bracelets, the say love, peace, faith, hope...things I want to have in my life everyday!

Do you have any accessories that are special to you? Do some tell a story? Want to share?
I'll listen! 


  1. I love the map pendant, too! And the idea of layering jewelry; I've tried but I'm always afraid I look over done. The way you look here makes me blow that theory out of the water!

    As far as special jewelry: On our first anniversary when we were dating, Jordan gave me a a cross necklace that had a heart in the middle of it. He said he saw it and thought it represented our relationship and the way we were growing in our love for each other and through Christ. Three years later, I sang at a wedding and the necklace got lost somewhere at the church. I was beyond upset, of course! He'd bought it at a store in South Dakota, and they didn't have it anymore so he couldn't replace it. Fast forward to this Valentine's Day, when I opened my gift and saw the same exact necklace sitting in a box! He'd found it somewhere on-line! The fact that I got it twice makes it extra special :D

  2. "but sometimes I just want to go simple. Adding jewelry to a rather plain outfit is a way to do that."

    totally agree!
    I like having different lengths of necklaces, and layering them just like you do! :)

  3. Love this look! So cute, Kass!

    My special pieces of jewelery are my two rings - one is from my parents as a 16th birthday/baptism present. It is my purity ring. It is a unique ring, which I like. It also reminds me of one of my core values as well as the love and support my parents have for me. My other ring is a unique one from Ukraine. I love the way it looks and it reminds me of my time and friends in Ukraine!

  4. This one was hard for me, because I don't have very many accessories, and mine are kind of boring. I love both your map and magnifying pendants!


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