Friday, August 19, 2011

Easily entertained

I really need to clean our room (as I am sure you can tell from the following pictures), but its hard with a little one who is only content for a few minutes seconds. He kept on reaching for the laundry basket, so in he went! 

He sure is happy in there!  I just love he can be amused by a laundry basket or a hanger or a bag. Such simple things. 

Babies make me laugh. They sure shift between content and in content a lot! Thats okay though...I'll deal with it, as I am sure this will continue throughout his life. I mean, hey, sometimes I'm content and sometimes I'm not! 

He is seriously trying to stand up. He almost stood up in crib. I cannot believe how fast he is growing
SOMEONE, ANYONE...please make it stop! I want him to be my little boy forever!!!

Whoops! =) 

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