Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Closet Orphan

Shirt: Alco. Shorts: Old Navy. Sandals: Payless.

I bought this shirt in college, but haven't worn it since then. Its a bit tight, but I still like it.
I am not sure how else to wear it. I thought maybe a red cardigan, but then I'd feel like I was dressed for Christmas. Maybe with jeans or a jean skirt. 

How would you wear it? 


  1. I'd adopt that orphan in a minute. What a fun top!

  2. I really think that color looks great on you! Could you do some crazy color-blocking stuff like maybe add a blue cardigan or skirt? (That would avoid the Christmas thing.) It's so feminine that I think a skirt would look nice.

  3. Very cute top - I can see why you like it! I'd definitely try denim. A denim skirt would be freakin' adorable IMHO.

  4. CUTE!! I think the way you are wearing it works!


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