Friday, July 22, 2011

A few things we all have in common

Earrings: Gift. Tank: Forever21. Top(under tank): Wet Seal. Shorts: Old Navy. Sandals:Charming Charlie.
As I was getting ready for the day I started thinking about insecurities I have. Insecurities about myself, relationships, being a mom... the list goes on and on. Yet, God spoke to me and told me that He doesn't do insecurities. 
He doesn't do...
You're ugly, but does You're beautiful.
He doesn't do...
You're not good at that, but keep on trying!
He doesn't do...
You're not enough, but you're more than enough!
He doesn't do
hate, but does love.

We all have insecurities. Some may seem silly while others run deep.
You know another thing we all have in common? We're all loved by God.
We may not all know Him. We all may not have a relationship with Him or even want to, but that doesn't stop His love.
He loves each and everyone of us, exactly who we are and how we are, no matter what.

There's so much freedom in be exactly who we are! 


  1. What a wonderful thought for the day, thank you for sharing!


  2. ahh so good! and SO true! Also, you take the funnest photos! you're hanging from a tree. umm awesome!! <3


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