Tuesday, July 5, 2011

30x30 challenge recap

Saturday I finished the 30x30 challenge and let me tell you I am so happy to be done with it! I do think it was a fun challenge, but at the same time 30 days is a long time! It wasn't that the challenge was necessarily hard for me, but really, I just got sick of my clothes. Here are my thoughts:

- I can make a lot more outfits out the amount of clothes I have, then I thought.
- I know I could make more outfits out of just my 30 challenge clothes, alone.
- I should have chose less tops and more bottoms. I got so sick of dresses and skirts . Hence the reason I sometimes wore shorts for days in a row.
- I really like that stripped shirt of mine. 
- I can be more fashionable than I thought.
- I can mix and match things I never thought I would before.
- My favorite outfits are: day #4 (my favorite out of the whole challenge), #16, #17, and #20. 
- I will definitely do the challenge again - in a different season of course! 

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  1. Wow! You are so brave to do this! I would not have so much cuteness to post..We live 45 minutes from town and sadly, if I'm not going anywhere, I often don't get dressed..as in makeup, hair, non-tshirt and pj bottom clothes! lol! Maybe I should try this and it will kinda hold me accountable to be less sloppy :)

    You are adorable :)


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