Tuesday, June 28, 2011

There is beauty in it

Headband and necklace: Gift. Tee and shoes: Target. Nursing top: Babies R Us. Shorts: Old Navy.

Some days I don't think about my body. 
I don't worry about it and the thought, "I'm fat" doesn't cross my mind.
Yet, most days it does.
Most of the time I look at my body and want my pre-baby body back.
Its hard and frustrating. 

But I'm trying to hold onto what is true.
Yes, theres extra weight.
Yes, I have stretch marks.
BUT that extra weight and those stretch marks 
are from the fact that I carried a baby.
Theres beauty in those things!
I may not see it and others may think I am fat, but you know who sees it?
God sees it. 
He, more than anyone sees beauty in my body because I carried a child of His. 
I'm holding onto that and the fact that it was all worth it.
That baby sleeping in the other room is full of beauty.

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  1. Right on. If we could just be a little less self-conscious, we could focus on much more important things. I'm right there with ya!


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