Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spreading the love.

I love finding encouragement in the blogging world. I always seem to find it when I need it. One of my favorite bloggers (with another blogger) realize how important it is for us to love ourselves. So often, we complain about how we look, how we feel, or just how we are in general. Everyone has things they dislike about themselves, things they would change if they could. But there are things we love about ourselves too or at least there should be! They want us to share about that... what we love about ourselves. I know it may take some thinking for some of us and others of us may know. 

What I love about myself is my heart. What I mean by this is the compassion I feel for others or even the pain I feel at times because those things reflect who I am and what matters to me. I am sensitive and care deeply about others. Sometimes this causes issues....sometimes my feelings get hurt when they shouldn't and sometimes I care to much that it causes more harm than good (you can get overly involved in people's problems). Anything can make me cry - a song on the radio, a tv show, a book, the news, so on and so on. Anything that touches my heart can bring tears to my eyes. Its hard at times because there are moments when my heart can be so deeply touched by something that it feels like it is breaking. 
I may not always appreciate it, but I do love it because it is who God made me. I may not be fully like Christ (thats a daily try to be like Him), but I like to think that His heart and mine have a thing or two in common.

What do you love about yourself? Please share!
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