Thursday, June 23, 2011

I admit it, I'm weird.

Pearl necklace: Unsure. Other necklace: Jewelry party. Shirt: Wet Seal. Shorts: Old Navy. Shoes: Express.

I believe that everyone does something a bit odd or enjoys something thats a bit weird.
Me, for example... in college I always found myself going to the cnn crime page. 
Is that odd? Only wondering about crimes in the world? Not looking at any other news? 
I blame it on the fact that I was a social work major.
I don't go there often anymore just because it kind of freaks me out now, since becoming a mother.
However, I am watching the Casey Anthony trial on HLN. 
Depressing. Crazy. Gets to me.
 I just don't understand how someone can hurt a child. 

Do you do anything odd or enjoy anything strange?
The type of thing where people ask you, "what is wrong with you?" 
Welp, this is my thing. 

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  1. Here's my oddity: If I touch the shower walls while showering, I have to start over. I have no other OCD tendencies or anything, but I have shower issues.:)


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