Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I started a few this week.
Some big. Some small.
Some smart. Some silly.

Goal 1: Workout every day this week. 

That picture was an attempt of us flexing. Apparently, Braden was to worn out from all the working out he did. He decided it was nap time instead. I am trying my hardest to work out everyday this week. Yesterday, I considered all the walking we did at the strip mall to be a work out. Today, we went to the gym at the apartment. Hopefully I will do well this week and make it so eventually I will get some exercise in every day! I really want to lose the remainder of the baby weight!

Goal 2: Take outfit pictures somewhere else rather than the back porch (sometimes).

Headband, stripped tee, shoes, and belt: Target.  Gray tee and skirt: Thrifted. Earrings: Gift. Sunglasses: Walmart. Bracelet: Made by me out of a t-shirt. 

Does anyone else find it awkward to take pictures of yourself (by yourself) out in public? I do! It just feels weird and I don't like people starring at me. I'm the type of person who likes to blend in to the back ground. Setting up your camera and posing a few times kind of doesn't allow that. However, I was getting really tired of the back porch, so here we are, at a park. The good thing was no one was there! Baby steps I guess... next time maybe someone will be around and I can accomplish the "take my picture in front of people" goal. 

Had to get a picture of him of course. He was hot and sleepy. We didn't stay long after this...a short walk back to the car. Speaking of him, he is yelling at me, so I better go! 


  1. Yes lol I feel strange when I try to take a photo of myself out in public. I even feel a little awkward having the hubs take a photo of me trying to pose out in public.

    Love your outfit! I have been trying to work out every night this week but had to skip tonight because we had family in town. Good luck with working out. I found your blog via momma go round

  2. Such a fun fun print on your skirt! You look lovely!! I love the scenery too ;)

    Thanks for sharing!


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