Monday, June 6, 2011

Be thankful in everything!

Tee- Target. Tank: Wet Seal. Shorts: Old Navy. Shoes: Express. Necklace: Spool 72.

I recently listened to a podcast by Joyce Meyer and its really been in the back of my mind lately.
It was about being thankful in every situation. Its easy to be thankful when things are going the way you want, but its hard when things are tough. I think those are the times we need to be thankful the most because it will help get us helps us stay positive.

Here are some things that she mentioned.

- Someday you will realize what you thought was your worst enemy was actually your best friend. 
I think thats so true because trials make you grow and without them we wouldn't be who we become! 

- Is the problem our enemy or our attitude? Our attitude is our own. No one can make us have a good one. No one can make us have a bad one.
WHOOOOAAA. Seriously, I need to remember that and focus on it a lot more. So often I think (or say) "You're putting me in a bad mood." 

- A thankful attitude is the best way to defeat the enemy! 
This is so good. How can the enemy get to us if we are thankful, if we are looking for the good in things? I don't think he can really keep us down if we are doing this!

- And we all have troubles, but we also have victories!
Its true. I've had troubles, but those troubles aren't really around anymore. I've overcome them and thats so good. There will always be troubles, but I know I will always be able to overcome them especially with God by my side.

I need to focus on being more thankful. Will make my attitude so much better!

I think I may make a sign to remind me. "Be Thankful in EVERYTHING." 


  1. a very good thing to remember! :)

  2. This such a great post that inspires me to be more thankful in my life!

  3. Love that outfit! So classy and beautiful :)

    Thank you for posting this on being thankful...Trevor and I actually just bought a sign today from a thrift store that says "Give Thanks". I need to remember that my attitude can change how an entire day goes!

    I love you and enjoy your posts!


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