Thursday, June 30, 2011

Almost there!

Last night when I tried to post blogger wasn't working, so you get two outfits today! 
Headband: Made by my mom and me. Necklace: Forever21. Top: Wet Seal. Dress: Old Navy. Shoes:Express.
I apologize for the bad pictures (again). Its been a crazy week with moving and all. I really am going to try to get better at picture taking and not taking them so late at night! Its always dark when I get around to it!
Shirt and shoes (the yellow ones): Target. Earrings: Gift. Skirt: Hand me down.
In other news I am almost done when the 30x30 challenge. I'd day I cannot believe I only have two days left, but I can! Its been a long 30 days and I am definitely sick of the clothes I've been wearing! Can't wait to wear some of the new things I have. 

I also cannot wait til the weekend because my husband doesn't have to work Monday which means a longer weekend, which means more family time! Yay! 


  1. You look fab in blue. I'm love what I can see of the skirt in the second look. Cute!

  2. both of those are very cute :)


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