Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Something I used to hate, but now love.

Necklace: Walmart. T-shirt: The Gap.  Dress: American Eagle. Shoes: TOMS.

My TOMS that is. 
I have a thing about shoes, as in, I usually dislike them. 
I used to hate (okay, maybe thats to strong of a word) my TOMS when I first got them.
I thought they made me feet look weird (yeah, I know, I'm weird...not my shoes).
But I love them now. They are comfy!


  1. i think my toms make my feet look weird and i always wonder why because everyone else looks so cute in them - including you!

  2. They are so comfortable!!

    Monique xx

  3. Sarah,
    Those are my exact thoughts too! I always thought everyone else looked cute. I think it just took some time to get used to!

  4. I'm glad you now love them, because they're cute! Also they remind me of ninja shoes and that's awesome!


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