Sunday, May 15, 2011


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Life involves a lot of sacrifice. I've been realizing that a lot lately.
Especially if you're following Jesus because He asks you to give up your life for Him. 
Its difficult and hard to sacrifice things... to do what is right, when the world tells you in every possible way to do what you want, no matter what. 
Its even difficult to sacrifice the small things that for some reason seem to matter. 
For instance, I've decided to give up facebook and did so today. Its just something that tends to get in the way of everything! Seems so small huh? Because really is it, but when thats where you've spent a lot of time (for no reason other than being addicted) it seems like a bit more.
Addictions are hard to break even if they are small. 

Sacrifice also comes when you get married. Because its not only you, but its also another person. 
You may will have to put what you want aside at some point, for the person you gave your life to.
For instance, this past week and a half we were in St. Louis and Braden and I spent most of our time in a hotel while James was working on a dream of his. Honestly, I am not a fan of staying a hotel... it gets a bit boring and hard with a baby... but I did it, I sacrificed what I wanted for my husband because I love him. It wasn't easy, but I'd do it again because I love him that much.

And that's not the end... one of the hardest sacrifices (other than in my relationship with God) comes when having a baby. There is nothing like it. Its like a new type of sacrifice. You can't ignore it, you can't deny it (we do this sometimes with Christ, don't we?) because that baby needs you. You have to cater to his every need. Motherhood is hard because it is all about sacrifice... all about sacrificing every part of your life. The hardest thing to do. 

But these sacrifices are worth it. So worth it.

What do you have to sacrifice? Whats the hardest thing for you to sacrifice?  

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  1. good post, Kass! Oh Sacrifices! Probably the small sacrifices in my life that I need to make that seem to be the hardest are watching movies and tv in my spare time. But they distract and take away from my time with the Lord. He is more important!


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