Friday, May 13, 2011

2 in 1

Since blogger was down when I was going to post yesterday, you get two posts in one. 

Day 1: It feels a lot like summer!

Earrings: Target. Dress; Charming Charlie. Belt: Wetseal.

Yesterday it was nice and hot out. I seriously wanted to jump in a pool, but we spent all day traveling back home... didn't like the traveling part, especially with a very unhappy baby in the backseat, screaming his head off because he was sick of the carseat. We were happy to get home though! 

Day 2: Winter, where did you come from?
Today we needed a vacation from our vacation. Or more so our son. We love him to death, but being stuck in a hotel with him more often that not could drive ya a little wacko. So, we went on a date...well, sorta. Husband was studying and I started reading a book I had been wanting to read.
Earrings: Gift. Scarf:Walmart. Jacket: Hand me down. Dress: Charming Charlie. Leggings: Kohls. Boots:
I love books. I also find some many I wish I could take home with me. I know I need to take a trip to the library... its much cheaper than the bookstore. 
Studying/reading didn't last very long. Sometimes we distract each other and decide to make faces at each other and the camera, rather than do what we should be doing.

Oh well, theres always tomorrow! 


  1. Love the yellow dress! Super cute!

    And do not take those away-from-baby dates for granted! We NEVER ever get them! But when we happen to, once in a great while, we soak up every possible second :)

    Love you!


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