Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend recap

This weekend I haven't really cared about how I look. I just haven't been "feeling it," but I have been feeling family time. =) 

Yesterday we went to Deanna Rose Farmstead, a petting zoo. It was busy and we didn't enjoy it that much. I think things like that will be much more enjoyable when he is a bit older. He did really look at the animals though and it was just nice to get some walking in.

Shirt: Express. Shorts: Forever 21. Shoes: Charming Charlie.

Today was also a nice day. It was actually pretty warm. Over 80 degrees! A bit too warm for me, but I shouldn't complain because I really rather be warm than cold! Aren't these trees beautiful? Definitely a reason I like this season! 

Hope you had a swell weekend!


  1. I have never been to Deanna Rose - but it looks awesome! And I hear good things about it. Looks like you all had fun - that is great!

  2. you're little guy is SO so cute!! isn't having a little guy the best - mine is 8 months old and i'm obsessed! love him!!

  3. wow... gorgeous blossoming trees! so jels. <3


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