Thursday, April 7, 2011

I always feel better when...

Jacket: Thrifted. Dress and tank: Kohls. Necklace: Rue21. Shoes:Payless.

I dress up, even if I am going nowhere.

The apartment is clean.

I get to take a nap.

I have a good cup of coffee.

My baby sleeps and is happy. 

I help someone. 

Its the end of the day and my husband is home. 


  1. :) This post made me smile a lot!
    I am so jealous (in a very good way) of your clothes! And I wanted to tell you, that you have inspired me in a huge way. That last blog I wrote was inspired by you. And, you inspired me to actually do something with myself, my appearance, and now it's flooded over into other areas of my life. Like I went on a trash walk today in my small town! And it was gross, and it made my heart soar! So I guess all this babble is to say THANK YOU for being YOU and for being amazing!!! I am so blessed to have you as a friend. :)

  2. hey girl! CUTE post. i like it :) <3


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