Thursday, March 24, 2011

This is what ya get!

No outfit picture today because my tripod cannot hold my camera, so instead this picture is what ya get!

This picture. With that look on my face. Actually, that's not awkward, its normal. Its "my I am not thrilled" face.

I'm unsure of the awkwardness in my life. I am sure there is, but my mind is feeling a bit fried tonight.


Olive Garden. It is my favorite. 

Good pictures of your baby.

A nap, for both me and my son. I love naps!

The fact that tomorrow is Friday! However, its supposed to snow... that I do not look forward to!

I know that there is much more awesomeness in my life. Maybe next Thursday I will be able to come up with more!


  1. I do love you! How I miss hanging out with you. *Sigh* :)

  2. I love naps too. I wish we got to take them in the middle of the day (as adults) like we did when we were in kindergarten.


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