Wednesday, March 6, 2013

If Looks Could Kill

Scarf: Kiki La'Rue. Chambray: Madewell. Leggings:Target. Boots: Thrifted. 

...I probably would have killed a few people by now.
Obviously murder is a horrible thing, so I'm not entirely sure I should even have written that! HA!
I guess I'm sharing a part of me that you more than likely know nothing about.
It's not scary, I promise, so read on or don't ;)

I used to be one of those girls who wore her heart on her sleeve.
Actually, it was more than that, I'd divulge my whole life story to just about anyone.
That, I can tell you, in all honesty is not a good thing.
I trusted to easily, too quickly and didn't look for signs that someone may not be good-hearted.
Some people aren't worthy of trust. Some people are evil and cruel.
Some people God doesn't want in your life because they will cause you a significant amount of harm.
Be careful who you let in your life friends.
I would say most people are good, most people are honest, most people are kind.
Then, there are a few who aren't.
Just be cautious and look to God.

All those words come from a place in my past, a place I don't really put here.
Those words come from a girl who used to wear her heart on her sleeve,
Who used to be really open,
And really vulnerable.
I'm not that girl anymore, not the one who tells all.
I'm the girl who keeps things between herself and people she really trusts and knows, well.

But I'm still the girl who has her feelings written all over her face.
That is something I've never been able to change, never been able to control.
If I'm sad, angry, depressed, happy, excited, full of joy and on and on... you can tell.
There's no hiding it. This is just apart of who I am, a part of who God has made me.

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve? Have you found it to be a good or bad thing?

  pleated poppy


  1. I've never been the type of person to trust easily, probably because I'd been hurt before even before I got the chance. But your right, God does guide us.

    btw, your pants are great and you look great. i truly love that scarf!

    keep ya head up!
    come visit :)

  2. i totally know how you feel, i wear my heart on my sleeves, and my emotions on my face! I use discernment from God now when deciding who to trust! you look so cute! :)

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