Wednesday, July 11, 2012

33 weeks

Necklace: Vintage Wannabe. Tank: Target. Skirt: Walmart. 

I'm looking at the calendar right now and there's a little over a month left until I have Maeva. 
40 days until the day of her c-section. I can do this right? I don't really have a choice, I guess, unless she decides otherwise - hint, hint ;) 

I've reached the point of wanting to be done. I feel huge and its just gotten tough carrying this load around. Of course, I love her dearly, and so I want her to stay in there until its time, but its tough! It's hard to move. It's hard to keep my eyes open at times. Oh, and did I mention it is HOT?!?! Seriously, over the weekend I thought I was going to die from the heat... over 100 degrees? Pregnant people should be allowed to control the weather! I say in the 70's please! 

Even though I'm not enjoying the whole pregnancy thing, at the moment, I do love feeling her move inside me. I know she's running it out of room and getting stronger because her movements are stronger! Last night as James had his hand on my stomach, we were so unsure what was going on in there... she was moving like crazy. We think she wants to come out just as bad we want her out! I also think she knows when her daddy is touching my stomach because she either starts going crazy or goes still. We're very excited for her to get here and see her in person! =)

Right now I'm just preparing Braden and Maeva's room. It's slowly coming together and I know I'll work a lot more on it after my baby shower this Sunday! So looking forward to that! 

pleated poppy


  1. You are so adorable! You are doing great in this heat! I love your necklace! Your prego belly makes me miss mine :)

    1. That really is so nice of you! I feel so huge and wonder how much bigger I can really get.... :S

      I know I'll miss being pregnant at some point. Maybe then I'll talk my hubby into another baby! lol

  2. You look just beautiful!

    I had a July baby and I can remember the heat so well. Some days, I would just stick my feet in a tub of ice water. :) Hang in there!

  3. love it! but im so not looking forward to "the 30's" hang in there lady!!

  4. Both my girls are september babies...hang in there, you are almost done! I remember those days. In fact, sometimes if I thought the babe in my tummy (both of them did this) was asleep, I would ask my hubby to wisper, especially at bedtime because they would turn into wild women!!!

    Your sweet one will come at the perfect time :) Just hang in there and as you know, you will not be preggo forever!!

  5. Again, you are so cute. Your belly does look like it is getting to be quite the load to carry!
    Sorry I can't make it to your shower, know that I am praying for your family and supporting you from afar :)
    If you ever need anything, especially conversation, you know how to reach me!
    Love you dear.


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