Wednesday, May 23, 2012

26 weeks

Dress: Old Navy. Shoes: JC Penny. 

My sweet little Maeva is getting so strong.
Everyday I can feel her getting stronger and growing.
I can feel her kicking and flipping. 
I absolutely love it. Feels sweet little girl movements is one of the best things about pregnancy.
I may not fully know her yet, but I am so in love.
My thoughts often go to her... when I feel her kick or simply just because.
I have about 3 months left until she enters the world.
It scares me a bit still, the thought of having two to take care of, two to totally depend on me.
I worry about Braden and how he'll react.
If he'll understand, if he'll be jealous, if he'll be gentle.
Mostly though, I'm excited for her to come. I'm pretty impatient about it actually.
Yes, I'd love for her to be here right now, but I know that she has more growing to do.
I know that her timing of coming into the world is God's timing as well.
So I wait and enjoy her little kicks more and more.

Love you baby girl. Keep on growing big and strong! 

pleated poppy


  1. I can't believe your tummy/Maeva is going to get even bigger! :)
    You are a very cute pregnant woman Kass.

    1. Oh, I know! I'm gonna be huge!
      Luckily though I haven't gained too much weight. *happy dance*

      And thank you =)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! Its so nice to hear that I look good when I don't feel that way (sometimes!).


  3. You look adorable!! And I love your dress! :)

    1. Thank you! =)

      Clearance at old Navy! =)

  4. you look so cute!!! love the belly pics :)

  5. Hey, question! What editing program do you use for your photos?


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