Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Week 19

I love being at the point in my pregnancy where we know we're having a little girl.
I love knowing its a little girl that surprises me with kicks as I wake up.
A little girl wiggling around, growing in my belly, it's just perfect.
I love that we were able to decide on a name and that is just perfect for her.
When I see her profile I see a sweet little Maeva. 
The name. I, just love it and love her...
I love that we can start calling her by name instead of just baby.
When I was pregnant the first time, I really wanted a girl.
I, however, know that God gave me a sweet little boy, first, for a reason.
To soften my heart and now, I think, because He wants Braden to be the big brother.
My heart looks forward to that, 
Braden being a big brother to baby sister Maeva.
I can't wait to see that.
I can't wait to see, hold, and kiss her. To have her here with us.
I can't wait to see Braden's reaction to her.
I look forward to having her in our life.
Almost halfway there, baby girl! 
Thank You God for this little one growing in me.
Thank You for my family. 
Earrings: handmade. Scarf: gift. Tan tank: walmart. Black tank, skirt, and flip flops: old navy.

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