Wednesday, March 14, 2012


  Top and shoes: zappos. Under tank: Forever21. Maternity leggings: Jcpenny. Earrings: Handmade. Necklace: American Eagle.

I'm feeling pretty good at 16 weeks. 
I still get sick sometimes and the headaches, oh the headaches...they hurt. 
Those aren't the things that worry me though. I know those things are normal. 
But I worry... I worry even though I have no reason to. 
I worried just the same when I was pregnant with this guy...

I worried that something was wrong inside of me.
I had no reason to because he was perfectly healthy. 
He was moving inside of me and growing just like he should.
But still, I worried. 

I think the fear comes from not being in control. 
We can only be so in control of our bodies.
We can only be so in control of our growing babies.
Even as I write that though, I know the truth. 
We aren't really in control. 
God is though. 
Which makes me know that I shouldn't worry, I shouldn't fear. 
God wants what is best for both me and my growing baby, for my family...
So, I want to be still and not worry. I want to be still and know that He is God. 

Take the fear and worry Lord.
I do not need it because You are God, Lord of all. 
Thank You for always taking care of us.

pleated poppy


  1. This is beautiful. God is in control and your body is made for this! You look amazing too. xo

  2. You are a very adorable pregnant lady! Cute top, cute lil' guy you got there too. And love your thoughts :)


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