Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Coffee Date

I like coffee, so a coffee date between you and I sounds perfect. 
A iced white mocha just sounds so good.

If we met for coffee I'd try my hardest to be open and real even though I've discovered its one of the hardest things for me.

I'd tell you that life hurts a lot lately and I'm not 100% sure as to why.
I'd tell you that I'm going to counseling in hopes to figure it out and feel better.

I'd tell you that I've been crying a lot lately and I hate it, but I know sometimes its just what I need.

I'd tell you that trust is hard and I can count on one hand the people that I really, truly trust. 

I'd tell you that sometimes things feel hopeless, but I know thats a lie. Things aren't hopeless because I have a God who loves me. 

I'd tell you that my relationship with God is a daily struggle, but that I'm trying to find my way back. 
I'm reading through the Psalms and they speak to me. Its so good when His word speaks to your heart.

I'd tell you that I'm in my 12th week of pregnancy and I'm so ready for the second trimester. More energy please and maybe less of my emotions all over the place. 

I'd tell you that sometimes I don't know how to handle my toddler, that sometimes his screaming and fit throwing gets to me and I have no clue what to do about it. 

I'd tell you that I love my husband so much, but I'm not always good at showing it. 

I'd tell you that I try to put on a mask of perfection, but thats all it really is. A mask... and I'm trying to do away with it here on the blog and everywhere else, but its hard. I don't always like people to see the mess. 

I'd tell you that I appreciate you, all of you. 
Scarf and cardi: Forever21.
Earrings: target.
Shirt: Kohls.
Jeans: Old Navy.
Boots: Zappos. 

pleated poppy


  1. your little guy is so adorable :) i remember wishing for the first trimester to be over and with it this terrible nausea i had for 2 months. no fun!
    good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.


  2. I commend you for opening up about struggling and that you are seeking counseling. Good for you. :) I hope you start to feel better. Oh, and I completely understand about not understanding your toddler; I am right there with you. Some days I look at him and wonder "who in the world are you?!" ha!

  3. TFE (tear filled eyes) on this post Kassie, but you know what?! You are so beautiful and amazing for seeking God and going to counseling! I was in counseling for 3 years straight, sometimes twice a week, and then before then on and off since 16, so you'll figure it out! And God's got you...this is such a good time to dig deeper and search your soul hon. Kudos.
    XO Thanks for sharing!!! Beautiful pic of you btw!

  4. You look SO gorgeous! And good for you for going to counseling! It's such a hard thing to start, but so worth it when you need someone to talk to and figure out some problems.

  5. Oh friend, I wish we could have coffee together. Life gets so full, and it's good to pour out to those you trust, in person. My husband and I decided we needed to go to counseling too...for our family, our marriage, our personal lives. It's a big step, and I am so proud of you. Counseling helped me through some really dark times, helped me heal when nothing else I was doing alone could. I love you and I am praying for you, on my knees for you friend!

  6. Kassie, you look beautiful in this post.
    I know it must be hard to not know why you are hurting. Props to you for going to counseling to figure it all out. It takes bravery to do so. If it makes you feel better I sometimes feel like I am going to go insane with the little 2year old meltdowns, but I know its a normal part of life and other moms like you are going through it to!
    Hope you have a restful weekend,

  7. I know it's taken me five million years to comment on this, but I'm proud of you for sharing! It's good to let out the rough stuff, because we're meant to share life and have healing! I can't give much advice on the kiddo situation, so I'll just pray. :) I love you!


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