Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Lace top and ring: Forever21. Red top: Francesca's collections. Under tank and flip flops: Old navy.
Shorts: Kohls. Sunglasses: Charming Charlie.

I'm no longer going to say I'll have outfit pictures throughout the week. Even though I do get dressed everyday (I would rather stay in my pjs but I don't) the pictures just don't get taken. Maybe I'll get better at it, maybe I won't. No promises. I wore this outfit Sunday. I don't remember much of what was done that day... except getting our baby boy a new toy.

Such a big boy he is!

pleated poppy


  1. hey, kassie! thanks for the comments. i have enjoyed the happiness project so far... i just started it, but i am already so inspired. seriously, for like the first chapter i have a whole page of notes of small changes to make in my own life to increase my happiness. ill definitely write a book review on it when im finished if you want to watch out for that!

  2. Your top is really pretty, and your little boy is totally adorable!

  3. I love the chic way you wore the sheer top and the short. You have a cute little boyy aww :)

  4. You are just to darn pretty for your own good! Love what you wore and love the little man! So cute!

    In our sea of love

  5. Love your outfit! Black and red look so great together. And your little man is so cute on his toy!

    New follower, please stop on by

  6. Oh, you're adorable! I love the sheer top and red tank!

    And I totally agree that it's so hard to take pictures every day. I don't know how the other bloggers do it!! I try, but I still can't do it every single day! lol

  7. That top is so darn pretty! You look gorgeous in it, and black and red definitely suite you!

  8. Beautiful outfit and what a big boy!!! He's super cute on that toy :)

  9. I love that black overshirt thingy!


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