Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Last week I shared that even though my blog truly started off as a fashion blog, its changing direction. 
Its been nice to write about other things, but as promised I still am doing an outfit post once a week and Wednesday is the day! 
Earrings, tank, dress: Forever21. Bracelete: A choir was selling them. Bag: Coach. Shoes: Target.
This was my "going to a wedding outfit," but sadly we didn't make it to the wedding because we got the drive time wrong and what parents (with an 8 month old) get out of the door on time? Not us! I was disappointed, but hey, it happens. A few things about this outfit: I love forever21, but haven't bought much there because I usually couldn't find things that fit, but lately have gotten better at finding things. And you see that amazing wedges? $7 and some change at Target. LOVE.
Necklace: Forever21. Everything else: Old Navy.
I was asked to take pictures at a church event on Sunday. This is what I wore. Sorry you can't see the cuteness of this shirt. Theres a bow, thats all you need to know! =) Oh, and that Old Navy has been having some rockin' deals going on? Those shorts are my fav. They are my second pair of the same exact ones because the first pair I accidentally got bleach on. Replaced those babies for $6 and some change. Can you beat that? 
Earrings and shirt: Forever21. Tank and flip flops: Old Navy. Skirt: Walmart.
I'm a fan on this shirt. Never wore the style before, so its fun and new! It was also super cheap, like $6 bucks and some change. Gosh, I'm good at shopping cheap lately. =) And I have to say that Forever21 has cool jewelry for cheap too and that makes me happy! 

Its been nice to not post about my clothes everyday, but you know what else has also been nice? Not caring everyday about clothes and what I look like. Its freeing, really.
You know what hasn't been nice? The weather! Holy moly! Hope you stay cool today...its supposed to be a real hot one!

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  1. love the cute colourful outfits

  2. cute outfits!! :)

    jenna duty


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